Today around 10 in the morning, Lost Identity launched another bombastic track to start the weekend off right and it will certainly get you hooked.

Addicted” is the new song he released on Dirty Workz and it is in fact a track that I heard several times, because the composition of it is very interesting and the track is beautiful in itself.

The track has a huge summer feeling and the it is based on the summer vibes. I also really liked the melody’s vocal notes, which are quite simple and combine immensely well. The first anti-climax drop is very pleasant for the simple reason that the kick is not all aggressive and is quite smooth, along with the melody and this definitely put a smile in my face, it gives a kind of a build up for the 2nd part of the track which climaxes with a very, very good kick.

Dirty Workz does not fail to search for upcoming producers and Lost Identity has performed in several top festivals, such as Tomorrowland, The Continent and Reverze, and with good reason, because his quality is very good and this track only came to justify that.

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