As some people say, just expect the unexpected, and well that’s what happened today. No one was anticipating this, but after several months of waiting Alfa Romero delivered an EP called ‘1001 Nights’ at Afterlife.

More than three months after the release of the stunning track ‘Claim Your Love’ on the Unity’ album, Lorenzo Bartoletti and Marzio Aricò, well known as Alfa Romero, delivered today this amazing gift to all the fans around the world who were waiting so long for some tracks that are included on ‘1001 Nights’.

The EP is composed by six tracks, most of them you’re already familiar with. Right off the gate we have the track that gave the EP its name, ‘1001 Nights’. It’s a very powerful track that combines a unique melody with the bass that we already start to associate to Alfa Romero themselves. You might already know this track from the Tale Of Us Unity live-stream in Ibiza, as well as the next one ‘Learning To Fly’, premiered on the live event too, and on the Afterlife party in Dubai.

But wait, the epic tracks don’t end here. Right after those two we have another two tracks that are already known as well by some fans, in this case the most curious ones because they were only played a few times. That’s right, it’s ‘Once and Forever’ and ‘Long Time Running’, those are the true definition of masterpiece and I bet that you’re going to have goosebumps right after you press play on those two.

To finish this wonderful EP we have two tracks, ‘Moonlight Tide’ and ‘The Seagull’ these two are more dark and powerful so they fit perfectly on an all-night set in a club.

On a more personal note, let me tell you that I wasn’t expecting such a big EP as this one and not even on Afterlife, I sometimes wondered if that was going to happen, but I thought to myself that even if the tracks get released on Afterlife it wouldn’t be as soon as it was, so this took me by surprise. This is truly a remarkable release, my favorite this year so far, and a huge step for Alfa Romero. Let’s hope that ‘1001 Nights’ is the first of many EP’s that are coming on this stunning label.

And this is ‘1001 Nights’, enjoy and tell us what you think about it in the comments!

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