Ben Bohmer released his album Breathing back in the ending of 2019 and the record that named the album has just been remixed by CRi.

Summer time has just begun and there’s no excuse for you not to have fun and enjoy life, even if you have to do it at home. Great songs keep coming out every week and the music industry is evolving at an even faster pace. We need to keep our heads up and look for the bright future we have in front of us.

Well, as the Summer keeps on getting hotter, CRi just brought out his remix for Ben’s Breathing piece and it is even more summer feel-like than the original version.

With a brand new, fresh melody, new synths and a perfect use of the vocals from the calming voice of Malou, this brand new remix is the record you might see yourself hearing with your friends at a sunset bar, on a rooftop view or even when you’re alone and want to feel good at home.

This one will burst into your playlist fast and you won’t even get tired of hearing it. Make sure you do it now and let us know what you think about it! Hear it down here:

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