After being introduced as the new member of the Dirty Workz family, Horyzon put out his debut release after stepping up in the imprint’s ranks, and this one definitely didn’t disappoint one bit. A strong start!

The soothing atmosphere and vocals at the start don’t prepare the listener for what follows – a heavy, punchy kick, leading us through the mid-intro of the track. If you’re a fan of deep kicks you’ll immediately be hooked as you travel trough, with some screeches added to the mix. Right after we have a break that’s centered on the vocals at first, with the momentum slowly picking up, and with the trance inspired lead melody slowly taking over and making a huge impact. The listener gets caught in this crescendo, with the reward being a beautifully crafted climax with a bouncy kick and bass combination and a dreamy melody.

This young man is sure causing a massively good impression after his promotion, so we certainly hope that he can keep up the momentum and that whenever we’re back partying, promoters have a look at him!

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