The quarantine makes us miss the festivals, the events and everything that surrounds our music, what we love, and Sephyx decided to drop everything on this track with a very special touch.

The Final Countdown” was initially played at Reverze this year where he played with his friend Adrenalize, and the set was stunning, here is what it looked like from the public’s perspective… epic show!

Sephyx has always shown great commitment on all tracks and the quality is indeed justified and the numbers too, he is a prodigy of Hardstyle and has performed on many big stages and created a few anthems, such as the one from The Qontinent in 2018.

I even remember Coone once challenging Sephyx to create a track in 90 minutes while Coone talked to Sephyx’s parents and the result was brilliant, a true showcase of his talent. With all that being said, you know you’re in for something good when you see Sephyx.

Speaking a little more about “The Final Countdown“, it is a track that leaves a great mark in the scene because it’s somewhat related to these moments during the lockdown, in the future we will hear this track again and remember the feeling that we had of being at home to fight this damn virus and the moments that organizations provided to fans, calling DJ’s to their studios and stages to provide top livestreams, at least on a personal level I will certainly save this track in my playlist, so that later on when we’re back partying I can reminisce about how all the sacrifices of staying home were worth it!

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