From nothing to one of the biggest dance music labels in the world, Revealed Recordings’s history is jam packed with nostalgia and good music.

It seems like only yesterday that a fresh-faced, 22-year old Hardwell announced to the world that he would be starting his own label, Revealed Recordings. No one could have possibly predicted back then the heights of success to which both Hardwell and his label have now risen to, and the success of one has always been hand-in-hand with the other

Over the span of 10 years, Revealed has released thousands of tracks, and have catapulted the careers of hundreds of artists: Dannic, Kill The Buzz, Suyano, W&W, Sick Individuals, Paris & Simo, Blasterjaxx, Maddix, Jewelz & Sparks and so many more have written one (or more) page of the Book of Revealed Recordings, and have contributed to a release on Revealed being something career-changing in the current dance music world. Now, 10 years gone by and amidst the current special circumstances we live in, the label doesn’t intend to let the special anniversary slip on by, and are going to party hard.

In a recent announcement on social media, Revealed Recordings have…well….”revealed” their plans: they will be hosting a FULL 360º Livestream, in which the viewer can tune in and watch the stream from ANY angle of his/hers choice. It will be hosted in De Koepelkerk, a beautiful 17th century domed church located in the heart of Amsterdam. As for the lineup, nothing has been announced yet, but one can safely assume Revealed artists will attend, both old and new. The only key factor that is missing from the equation is if this livestream will mark The Return of The King for a unique one-time show…

Fans are already on board with the concept, and we can only assume how flooded with requests for a return Hardwell’s DM’s must be. In the meantime, we can only cross our fingers and wait as we relive their Kingsday livestreams in the link down below!

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