Experienced producer The Machine is back to releases, this time on a fresh label, My Way! Marking this imprint’s second release is the track Heavy… And honestly we think it is impossible for this one to have a better name, as you will be able to judge by yourself by clicking play below…

The track kicks off in a relatively soothing way, with some female vocal effects in the intro. However the momentum quickly ramps up, unleashing a pumping kick that follows us through the mid intro and interesting screeches scattered through it. The break has a breakbeat feel, with some high hats in the background, which lead us to the main melody that slowly gets introduced. The build up is somewhat simple and doesn’t prepare the listener for the craziness that comes with the kick and bass that is found on the climax. There’s yet another small break between the first climax with the second one being even more brutal, with a bass down below that has a pleasant distortion on good speakers and the awesome screeches we’ve heard before.

A very pleasant track that combines smooth elements with the heaviest kick and bass combinations around, with elements like the vocals contrasting well with the heaviness of the kicks. Very well done!

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