The Dutch duo Afrojack and Chico Rose decided to create their latest theme, showing that it is possible to create new sounds.

In times of pandemic, new themes are emerging from artists who have to do something to stay motivated and who end up exploring new sounds. This time we are talking about the new Afrojack single “Cloud9” that brings Chico Rose and the vocal part with Jeremih. This is undoubtedly a different theme than what Afrojack usually presents, however, it is a demonstration that it is possible to go in other ways and create new melodies.

This is also another milestone for Afrojack, after launching his theme “All Night“, with which he reached millions of streams on Spotify and YouTube, he now had the opportunity to work with American singer Jeremih. Continuing with all his success and energy that we are used to, and with collaborations that gave him Grammy nominations, it shows that he is still very alive. It also proves that his label, Wall Recordings, has talent, and in this case we’re talking about his pupil Chico Rose, with which Afrojack performed in some of the biggest festivals in the world like Tomorrowland or EDC Las Vegas.

Listen below the new track of Afrojack and Chico Rose with Jeremih:

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