Portuguese DJ/Producer Kickdrum gifts his listeners through these tough times with a brand new track on Ensis Records.

We’ve covered Kickdrum before here on Wide Future: a severely underrated DJ/Producer, Madeira-native Nelson Melim has been in business for around 8 years now. Long gone are his Virtual DJ days and in its place, stands today a talented artist, with a mature and captivating sound, a diamond in the rough waiting to be found.

Nelson kickstarted the year (pun intended) with Poison, an electro house banger made in collaboration with fellow “tuga” Denzell, which although it was positively received, it failed to reach its target audience the way it should. Since then, Kickdrum locked himself in the studio and refused to get out until he had another banger. That’s where Sick comes in.

From the moment one presses play, the track’s name is nothing short of appropriate: released on Ensis Records – another one to add to his impressive repertoire – it starts out with a simple intro that quickly builds itself up through cinematic percussion into a filthy bass hous-ish drop, featuing a grimy yet tight bassline at its main highlight. The breakdown is dominated by ambience pads and combined with some previous elements, rounding off in the second drop.

You can check out Sick in the link down below.

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