Time for some heaviness, as usual, with the latest track from Requiem! One of the best “hires” that Scantraxx made in the last few months is paying off, as the artist has been at the top of his game ever since. Today he brought us Make The Climb, a track with strong lyrics and an even stronger kick.

The track starts with a soothing piano melody and two different vocalists, each of them signing about overcoming obstacles and pushing through difficulties. The lead melody then comes through, taking over the airwaves, with the track slowly rising in intensity. We then have some rap-like vocals guiding us to the climax, which drops suddenly, with a nice, slightly high pitched, punchy kick. The break returns to the soothing female vocals, decreasing the tempo for just a few seconds before the melody coming back on. The riser here prepares the listener to the heaviness that follows. The slight melody variation and the kick rolls on the second climax add that extra bit of detail to the track that helps in the overall composition.

A very well made track that combines roughness and melody in equal measure and in a really cool way, just as we like it to be!

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