Dirty Workz’s wonder boys Sub Zero Project rarely disappoint. They’ve been appointed multiple times as the next big thing in Hardstyle, and they’ve filled these shoes rather well. With this track they continue their legacy, which is already marked by amazing highlights, such as making the Qlimax and the Intents Festival anthems.

The track kicks off with a soothing atmosphere with female vocals and some bass effects down below. It quickly ramps up with the lead melody coming into play. We then proceed to a mid-intro section in the usual style we’re used to from these guys, with a very punchy kick! The background percussion that follows during the short break in the mid intro is distinctly from this duo, with the vocals returning for the break. The recipe here is similar to the intro, with the melody carrying us to the climax, with it dropping right after the build up with insane kicks and an amazing distorted bass down below.

Roughness, euphoria and melody in equal parts is what characterizes this track, which is likely to be a smash hit. 

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