Today, at 11 am to start the day well, the Heart for Hard label published a teaser of the new tracks that Regain has prepared for the Phoenix event.

The Phoenix Festival organizer said the festival would take place and if you want to know how’s that going to happen in these troubled times, click here to find out more.

Regain, perhaps the biggest name of Xtra Raw Hardstyle, has always been on a high when it comes to productions and even his live acts are always something to push to the limit and we will explain why.

Regain is well known in the Hardstyle scene for having immensely loud screechs but in a way that really matches the tracks he produces and that makes him very unique, and as soon as you hear a track, you immediately understand that it is from Regain. Not only the screechs but also the kicks that many of the tracks he has do not have an overly aggressive punch, but focus on a good “tail”, so to speak, and let’s say that this type of kick is quite interesting because these sound extremely well live. We really learned to feel a kick in another way and with huge potential, Regain is just spectacular.

This is Regain” is the name of the event that will take place, promoted by Confusion Events, and this is because in 2019 Regain decided to organize an event dedicated to his new album and that album, my friends, was very good indeed! The event was sold-out and Regain decided to improve a bit in 2020, even with the bad situation with the pandemic, and to take this opportunity to cheer Hardstyle fans with this surprise. New tracks and another event, we are certainly restoring our joy!

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