As some of our readers are aware, the largest harder styles gathering was scheduled for this past weekend. But with the Coronavirus pandemic still in full force around the world, the event was obviously called off. In its place, Q-dance decided to host a huge stream with 80 artists in the lineup and all the colors of Defqon.1 represented, with sounds ranging from old to new and from Hardstyle to Terrorcore.

After witnessing this massive stream, we can say that Q-dance went above and beyond what’s expected and set a standard for festival streams!

The organization actually went to the event’s venue to record astonishing sets, and made a rather unique mainstage, as it does every year, but adapted to cater the livestream format, in the exact same spot it would be in if the real thing were to take place. There was also a smaller stage set up atop the water right next to the main stage’s site. Several other sets were recorded in rather iconic locations, some examples of these were the Peacock In Concert set. Other had a rather funny twist to them, such as Ophidian’s set, who recorded it in 2 different places and edited in footage of both, making it seem like he was teleporting, or Noisekick who recorded his Terror Lay Down in his bed!

Some sets were especially great. Always good to hear older sounds from artists like Dana, A-Lusion or The Viper. Da Tweekaz made a very energetic set, along with artists like Sephyx, Phuture Noize, the epic Geck-o & B-Front battle and Digital Punk, just to name a few.

There were also live sets from Q-dance’s studio for the Midnight Mayhem, with some crazy shenanigans happening during them, and off as well, such as Sefa’s own cooking show, Sound Rush appearing on stream rather… tipsy, Darkraver doing an 80’s love song medley for Krosakoff at the start of their set and Thijs from Degos & Re-Done drinking a whole bottle of whisky in one go live!

Thijs from Degos & Re-Done is thirsty and drinks a bottle from r/hardstyle

But what’s most impressive is the attention to detail and effort Q-dance put into this. The drone footage was absolutely on point, the lighting was extremely well orchestrated just like in real events, and there was even a tear jerking The Closing Ritual to top it all off, just like it would be for the real thing.

In a nutshell, Q-dance went through impressive efforts to make this the best Defqon.1 experience possible, and we, the Weekend Warriors, are extremely thankful for what they’ve done. Not only this, but they’ve managed to capture the event’s essence, and send a message to the dance music industry as a whole: the Hard Dance family stands together as one and we will always gather on the Defqon.1 weekend, regardless of the distance. Nobody can extinguish this flame!

This is just a summary of all that’s happened, so be sure to keep an eye out on when sets get released.

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