The Dutch duo Dubvision returns to the releases again and brings a different theme to the audience, but you will surely like it!

Times are passing by and it is increasingly necessary for artists to think of something new and capable of keeping them “in shape” with regards to new sounds. This time the duo Dubvision brings us their new theme “Sign” and that shows that the duo wants to do something again and that is very positive. In this case Dubvision present us with a progressive Techno, something completely new, and inspired by artists like Eric Prydz and Meduza, who have also been successful with their new themes.

As it is possible to see, the confinement came to bring a very negative fact, that there are almost no shows of any kind, however it opened a path for the DJ’s creativity and that was notorious. Dubvision started to have a lot of fame in themes like “Backlash“, “Turn It Around” and “I Found Your Heart” that launched the Dutch to the spotlights, having collaborated with countless artists. This is a release through the STMPD RCRDS imprint from Martin Garrix. Are you curious to hear this track?

Listen below the new track of Dubvision:

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