The French artist Remcord has released yesterday a new EP called ‘Texture Mixture 01’, a three-track mini-album on his own label, REBA.

REBA was created in last year’s September and has already huge tracks like ‘Amnesia Resonance’, played by Tale of Us last year at Junction in London, ‘Yamma’ and ‘Empty Supply’, you probably recognize this last one from Tale of Us’ Unity livestream set three months ago.

However, ‘Texture Mixture 01’ is something unusual from Remcord’s label. It’s the first time that we have a three-track EP with different artists in every single song. The first one is ‘XXX’ by Ovend, that’s right, the guy that produced ‘Red Sky’ with Tale of Us on 2017 and released a year later his own track ‘Nuits Fauves’ on Realm Of Consciousness PT. III. Next to the remarkable track ‘XXX’ we have ‘Beyond The Dance’, a collab between Omer Bar and Liad Douk, an epic melancholic track with dark and simply unique vibes. At the end, like a cherry on the top of a cake, we have this magnificent collab between Remcord and VOSNE called ‘On The Fly’, the perfect track to listen at the end of the night.

I had the pleasure of being on chat with Remcord itself who told us a little bit about ‘Texture Mixture 01

These 3 tracks, from different artists seem to have been made to be together. The universe brought them together and they now form a common story.
This various artist was not planned, it was not a special plan during this special period. It came as a matter of course. 
As usual, a lot of love and a bit of grass went into the making of this EP.

You can purchase ‘Texture Mixture 01here and tell us your opinion about it in the comments!

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