Wonder act Degos & Re-Done strike again with an immense masterpiece with a very soothing intro. The aptly named Take Me Back is a track that combines the best of melodic vibes with some roughness and a lot of energy!

The track begins with a piano and strings on the background and an amazing vocalist, signing lyrics about a moment in time in the past, in the life of two lovers. After this, and air piercing lead melody kicks in, with sounds we can easily recognize as being from these artists. We then have a really cool part with rap vocals and a build up that gives the track an insane amount of energy. The climax then drops with punchy kicks and a slight distorted bass down below, rounding everything quite well. The break afterwards features the rap vocals once more prominently, and the second climax is very energetic as well, with slight melody variation that helps keep things varied.

Yet another immense track from these guys, they’ve been on a roll with these sort of vibes and we’re really enjoying them! We’re sure you will to… Play it loud!

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