Yesterday at around 3 pm, Jesse Jax released another preview of a track on Dirty Workz called “Panzerfaust” and it is something quite unusual to see this type of track and I will explain why.

This track despite having only 1:54, it has a raw quality because it contains 2 parts in which there is no prolonged melody and where there are aggressive kickrolls that lead people to the hammer time right away. Many even found it strange that the track is rather short but, giving my personal opinion, I prefer that the track has more quality than time and in this respect I have to admit that Jesse Jax did an excellent job because we are totally used to 3 / 4 minutes and not even 2, but the track is really great.

This track is going to be released 2nd of July 2020.

Jesse Jax is a Dutch producer who has been part of Dirty Workz for some time and has shown great production capabilities, I’ll leave here some tracks that you may possibly like.

Comparing the track time of these latest tracks with “Panzerfaust“, will this type of shorter tracks be one of the ideas for producers in the near future? We shall wait and see!

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