In this 32nd edition of the Imminent Radioshow we bring you the groovy, bass-driven, pop-inspired sound of Dkuul!

Dkuul is the freshest new kid on the block. Real name Dilan Sousa, he hails from the Portuguese Venice, Aveiro. Fueled by a burning passion for dance music, his mesmerizing fusion of house beats with a pop-oriented pinch marks the difference and sets Dkuul apart from the competition. Here’s what he had to say with the usual questions before we get on with our Imminent Radioshow:

How was your start as an artist?

My first step towards a career in the music industry was when I was 15 years old and my passion for electronic music started to grow exponentially. I started looking up YouTube tutorials to figure out how a track was made. Since then, I’ve been trying to mature my sound and push it as far as I can. It’s been a long adventure and I don’t regret it one bit!

Biggest inspirations?

Without a doubt my biggest inspiration is bringing my perspective on music to other people. I can’t describe the feeling of playing in front of a huge crowd and seeing them vibe to what I’m doing. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

What difficulties have you encountered and how did you surpass them?

As for difficulties throughout on my path, being a music producer often means a lot of lonely studio sessions. It’s just how it is, if you want results you’ve got to prioritise what will eventually get what you want. This often translates to declining a lot of friends who ask you out etc. The way I managed to overcome this was to organize myself with a schedule and give myself a limit on how much time I would spend doing tasks, be it producing music, business, or anything in general, this way there’s time for everything.

As for the guestmix, Dkuul delivered an impressive display of his own mashups, tracks from New World Sound and Yves V and even comercial favorites from Joel Corry and Tiesto, taking us in a 60min journey through his mind.

Check out Ep.32 of the Imminent Radio show as well as Dkuul’s latest track down below!

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