It’s the long-awaited return of everyone’s favorite parisian, DJ Snake releases Trust Nobody

You’d have to be blind and deaf to not know who DJ Snake is. With more mega-hits than probably anyone in the current music landscape and an almost inconceivably huge number of plays, DJ Snake is an absolute titan of the scene, and is one of the few names synonymous with both massive comercial success and respect from his DJ/Producer peers.

Following the massive success of his Carte Blanche album (and subsequent “Deluxe” version), Snake’s 2020 was bound to be a stellar one, but we were proven otherwise. He laid low and simply re-released remixes to his tracks from the likes of Wax Motif, Nitti Gritti, Sullivan King and more, with his huge Paris La Defense Arena mega-show in February being the main highlight so far, one that managed to cram 40 000 ravers and bass-heads together. Now, Snake finally premieres new music in the shape of brand new single Trust Nobody.

First played in the aforementioned La Defense show, the ID quickly picked up steam as it went viral due to the record-breaking Wall of Death, which reiterated DJ Snake’s love for everything dramatic. As for the track itself, it starts out with rising distorted leads and vocals, which quickly make way for the ravenous build-up, climaxing in the hardest drop DJ Snake has dropped in a while, focused around gritty basslines, deep 808s and harsh percussion. The bridge gives the vocals some room to breathe in an atmosphere of eerieness and revolution, transitioning brilliantly to the end-all second chorus, in what can only be defined as a bottomless pit of filth.

With Trust Nobody, Snake silences haters and shows the world he’s still got it. Check it out in the link below.

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