Almost 3 months after the release of ‘Behind Us’ on Afterlife’s album ‘Unity’, Glowal are finally back with their long waited EP ‘The Night Queen’ on Watergate Records.

Fabio Giannelli and Alessandro Gasperini, better known as Glowal, arrive on one of Berlin’s most renowned electronic music labels. This is a huge step forward for the duo after several huge releases on Innervisions with their most famous track ‘Cries’ and ‘Pressure’, Adana Twins label TAU, Solomun imprint Diynamic, Armada Music and of course Afterlife. These four tracks have been already premiered worldwide with the support of the artists that represent the previous labels that I’ve mentioned and many more.

You probably remember ‘Night Queen’ from Afterlife’s party at Tulum, Mexico. This one is the most recognized tracks from the EP and that’s why it has the same name as the album. It’s a brilliant nostalgic track which brings a lot of memories especially because of the melody itself.

Reference must be made to ‘Moment’ with stunning vocals from Simon Batten, an artist that has already released several tracks with the Italian duo in their ‘Roda’ EP a year ago. Follow by that we have ‘Enigma’, a track with truly Innervisions vibes, who had the special support of Agents of Time. To finish the EP we have ‘Antenna’, a remarkable track that I bet it would have been a hit this summer in Ibiza.

Unfortunately, this summer we won’t be able to enjoy these tracks live but in alternative (not as good of course), we can still count with some livestreams and try to enjoy the beautiful vibes from ‘The Night Queen’ in our homes.

The full EP has been premiered exclusively on Beatport but it’s already available on Spotify as well.

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