Avi8 is once again bringing us an energetic track through Gearbox, as usual, and this is definitely one track that you’ll certainly add to your playlist!

The track begins with some plucks down below and soothing vocals, which quickly lead us to a punchy mid intro with a nice, crunchy bass down below. After that we have an amazing break, with the usual feels this artist has got us used to, and with a well treated vocal chop. The build up is quick, and straight to the point, with the lead melody being a smooth, string-like synth and with the kick being punchy in good measure. The second climax has an interesting “fake-drop” like effect, and carrying us through it are different kick variations helping keep things interesting.

This amazing artist has been proving himself release after release, ever since he started releasing about 4 years ago. Gearbox Euphoria has been his home for most of this time and he already has a unique style that can easily be recognized. Be sure to give him some love for this track on his socials!

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