After the success of GRAVEDGR’s debut album, here comes the long-awaited “6 feet under” remix album that promises to take you to the nearest cemetery.

The great and mysterious GRAVEDGR returns to attack with his deadly vibe and presents his fans with the remix album of “6 feet under“, where the hardstyle artists that give new life to the original songs stand out and that strive to fit in the environment created by GRAVEDGR. Talking about hardstyle, we have a name that stands out, and it is undoubtedly Warface. He did a remix of “Fick Dich” and completely raises the bar to another level that no one would be waiting for.

Among other artists of the genre we can also talk about Imperatorz who remixes “Move“, Riot Shift (“Wardogz“), Rooler (“The Whisper“), Thyron (“Kamikaze“), Dither (“Fick Dich”) and something more hardcore with a Lil Texas remix. Among many others we can also highlight remixes by Riot Ten who does a great job mixing his dubstep and creating something unique, GRAVEDGR‘s own VIP in the song “Maria” where he gives a mysterious atmosphere to the music with his hard-trap, Sickmode, K-Motionz and others.

If you’re curious, listen to everything below:

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