Letting Go is the name of B-Front’s latest masterpiece and right out of the gate we can tell you that this is likely one of the best tracks this artist has ever made! In his own usual style, B-Front takes through an immense journey.

The track kicks off in an eerie atmosphere with opera like vocals in the background. Suddenly the track ramps up with a few kicks, and we get going through a punchy mid-intro. The break gives the listener the chills with its dark sounds. There’s a strong female vocal here, with a few verses regarding moving forward to better times, and then the lead kicks in, filling the speakers almost entirely. The build up is quick and straight to the point, leading us into a climax that send shivers through the listener’s soul! Kicks are simply on point, with just enough bass around them down below. The second climax has a melody variation that invites the listener to sing along, very much in B-Front’s style and reminiscent of tracks like Mysterias or Undiscovered.

As usual, you cannot go wrong with B-Front. With extensive experience in the scene, going back 15 years, he’s made a name for himself with tracks that have a very unique, immersive atmosphere and it seems his style is aging just fine!

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