Med School graduate Keeno just unleashed a 2 track banger on the Hospital Records imprint that will surely blow you away. For this EP he brought Etherwood along for the first track as well!

The first track is Fall Beneath You, featuring Etherwood. The track begins with soothing vocals and a piano and strings background. The lyrics are interesting, and can probably have a few different interpretations, but in my perspective it is about some sort of relationship that has a predictable ending. After this section we have the drums dropping out of the blue, which is quite interesting, raising the tempo. In the background there’s a smooth bassline down below, accompanied by a slow piano melody, contrasting well with the drums.

Equinox is the second track, kicking off with almost tribal-like drums in the background, and as we progress more elements are added, such as a background vocal and some string elements. A white noise in the background helps the intensity raise. We get yet another calmer part before the drums hit. This one features a heavier bass that fills the speakers nicely. An interesting element here is a vocal sample that’s been tweaked to somewhat accompany the beats. The piano and strings added later on are simply marvelous and give the track a somewhat orchestral feel!

A very pleasant surprise from an artist that I personally keep track of very loosely, but never ceases to impress with the quality of his productions!

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