Three months after his first release on Running Clouds, Jaden Raxel, a Dutch DJ/Producer specialized in Melodic Techno music is now back with an exclusive and stunning EP called ‘Afterdark’.

The Dutch producer is already well-known in the scene, with a lot of great releases in another labels, such as Infinite Depth with ‘Luxor’ and his epic remix of Third Person’s track ‘Two Of Us’ on Somatic Records. Now he’s back with ‘Afterdark’, a 5-track EP including 4 unique tracks and the remix of ‘Afterdark’ by Valantis Likostratis and George Triantafyllakis, better known as Voices Of Valley. I truly recommend you to listen this whole EP and if you like this melodic techno vibes, feel free to explore the many others releases from Running Clouds, it’s a label with such a good music quality!

This EP already had the support, before the release itself, of many artists such as Tale Of Us, Amelie Lens, Kevin de Vries, Øostil, Nick Devon and much more. It’s really good to see in this community that these newcomers already got the support of the most well known artists in the scene, because, like in the case of Jaden Raxel, they are very talented and let’s face it, they will be the future of the scene itself, that’s why it should count with the support of everyone.

You can purchase or stream Jaden Raxel ‘Afterdark’ EP here, and tell us your opinion about the EP in the comments!

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