Belgian triad Hooders returns to Tchami’s revered label once more, with even more great music in the shape of two-track EP The Cartel.

From the streets of Belgium emerges a new sound, one forged by the fusion of techno, house, hip hop and other bass influences: this is the characteristic sound of Hooders. Marked by bubbling percussion, unique kicks and the wonkiest basslines in the game, this trio has seen their name in labels like Sans Merci, Pinnacle Collective, their own From The Hood platform and Confession – a home that sees them return in style with this EP.

The Cartel features two tracks, UNDRGRND and Wrap Up, both solo efforts that blast their usual innovative perspective of bass house to the world. Wrap Up starts out with a simple intro, but one that quickly introduces some serious g r i t to our ears, backed up by down-pitched vocals and climaxing in the first drop. Dry, bouncing beats and the rather thicc bassline see us through the drop, recycling some elements in the breakdown on the way to the second chorus, one that presents itself a lot harder-hitting than the first, but it’s just a small teaser of bliss which the percussion takes away almost instantly.

As for UNDRGRND, it begins with harsher percussion and huge, booming bass. Once again, the vocals are the defining factor of the dark, industrial atmosphere, transporting the listener to the first chorus in a bed of unbridled bass, one in which the previous grittiness from Wrap Up is apparent. The breakdown samples police sirens, emphasizing the underground nature of the track, and closing down the EP with a beautifully constructed second drop.

Both stellar efforts, The Cartel factors up the awesome year Hooders have had so far. There’s still a lot for these boys to accomplish, so be sure to become a part of the Hood and follow their journey.

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