It appears there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for us to get back to partying sooner than we expected and still enjoy a bit of our summer. Confusion Events, who are known for events like Fatality and Phoenix will host a series of events in July. These 6 events will focus on the most extreme edge of Hardstyle and higher tempo Hardcore.

All these events have a unique particularity: given the current pandemic and the measures in force in the Netherlands, each of the rooms for this event will be limited to 100 tickets, each of them giving access to a table in which 2 people can sit.

The first event, to be held on the 3rd, has ‘the exclusive uptempo event’ as its theme, featuring well known names such as Partyraiser and DRS! All 3 areas available are already sold out

The second and third events, on the 4th, are ‘the exclusive raw events’ and will feature more amazing names, including Act Of Rage who’s been doing quite well since his album Outrageous came out! There are only tickets left for one of the area of one of two events.

Beyond these events there’s also a special Never Surrender album showcase prepared for the 5th, an ‘Uptempo Night’ in the 10th, which includes artists like Drokz and Chaotic Hostility, along with a This Is Regain show on the 11th.

Extreme times require extreme measures, so there are always rules that you should abide to. Do you feel it is too soon to return to events, or do you think the organization is taking the appropriate steps and that there won’t be any issues?

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