It’s that time of the year again, and normally by this time, fans of the harder styles would be itching to get to their ultimate summer destination: Defqon.1. But that’s not to be this year, as festivals cannot take place, and for the lack of a better option, Q-dance will do a special broadcast that aims to cheer up fans in these troubled times we’re all living.

As always with the actual Defqon.1 events, the lineup is rather unique and broad in its scope of genres, and this broadcast is exactly that as well. We have many artists performing, along with some very exclusive sets, and there are a few we’d highlight.

We begin with Phuture Noize’s Silver Bullet album showcase. As you may recall, this artist had an X-Qlusive of his own, that was scheduled for earlier this year, where he would premiere some material from his album, and this event had to be postponed to September. Another big one is B-Front vs Geck-o with an “early raw” themed set. This unlikely combination may just turn out to be a battle between two of the biggest forces that helped push to the limelight a sound that’s now nicknamed as “Raw Hardstyle”: Fusion and Theracords. There are a few other unlikely combinations such as Frequencerz vs Sound Rush, Da Tweekaz vs Ran-D and Outsiders vs Rooler. Warface & D-Sturb will also be present with their Synchronised act. There will be a Peacock In Concert showcase too, a fan favorite! Along with Frontliner doing his Magenta set, as he would if the festival were to take place.

There are also some things announced that got us scratching our heads… Such as Cooking with Chefa, a Happy Hardcore set by Jason Payne, some sort of Positive Talks section with Wietse (which we assume is Wietse from Psyko Punkz), and even a Terror Lay Down with Noisekick, so we’re pretty sure there will be room for plenty of hilarious moment caught on camera!

Were you attending Defqon.1? What are you most looking forward in this stream?

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