One of the latest tracks hitting the airwaves is the immensely powerful Strong, by Adaro & Rejecta. This track is both energetic and rough, but also very soothing, featuring melodic breaks with amazing vocals.

The track kicks off with a smoothing atmosphere and some strings in the background. The vocals kick off with some percussion elements drowned out in the background. The intensity slowly rises, with the percussion being more prominent, and with the usual Hardstyle elements slowly being introduced. There’s a build up with the intensity we’re used to from these artists and then the track unleashes its full potential, with the enchanting melody and the punchy kicks with a well rounded bass that we’re used to from both of these amazing artists. The break returns to the soothing vocals, following more or less the same build up recipe as before. This last climax section is introduced by a kick roll, switching up things a bit.

For those who don’t know, both the lyrics and the melody are based on Strong, a track from the band London Grammar. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Hardstyle version of this magnificent piece, as DJ Thera has done one a few years back. But this one is equally gorgeous and definitely a strong contestant to the top 10 tracks this year! It is also a very balanced collab as it seems you can hear influences from both artists in more or less equal measure. Play it loud!

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