Jaytech just released his second EP of 2020 on Anjunabeats and it comes with Obelisk, Protomolecule and Tigerlily, the last one being a solid remix by CAAVA and a heavier addition to the already packed EP.

For those who do not know him, Jaytech (real name James Cayzer), from Australia first connected with electronic music at a university rave party. Shortly after his experience, he started producing, inspired by what he heard. And a few years later, his break came when Tiësto asked Jaytech to appear on the iconic “In Search of Sunrise” mix compilation series.

For more than 15 years his career progressed far beyond the paths of DJ’ing and James Cayzer, under is own label Positronic, where he released his 3rd artist album Awakenings, launched a platform to help and promote emerging artists, welcoming them into the scene and developing long-lasting radio shows and podcasts, where on top of interviewing his peers in the music scene, he gathers every month a large fan base scattered through the world listening to one of a kind and amazing content.

But today I bring you his most recent EP, a triple threat of electro progressive music. For starters, Obelisk, a “banger” carrying heavy basses and fulled with powerful kicks and groovy drops.

As for Protomolecule, as the very own Jaytech said in his Instagram post regarding this release, is “a space western trance opera with a complextro groove section”.

Both Obelisk and Protomolecule have that fresh touch, a melodic and calm vocal, and on the other hand CAAVA’s remix of Tigerlily is a heavier addition to the package.

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