21 year old Andy Lotti is a newcomer for sure, but one with talent and loads of potential, displayed by his stellar debut tracks thus far this year.

The Cuban DJ/Producer’s sound is one developed with the bass house scene in mind. Featuring bassline-heavy beats with choppy leads and down-pitched vocals, Andy first announced his arrival to the world with Walker and Hologram, both tracks with almost 150k+ plays on Spotify and Soundcloud.

His biggest track yet, The Beginning, distances itself a bit by offering a far more harmonic and melodic and vocal approach, somewhat reminiscent of old school 80’s vibes. All of this, racked up with Andy’s experience in local Cuban clubs and festivals – most notably the Eyeife Festival – make Andy Lotti a compelling name for the future.

Andy’s latest track entitled “All I Need” is one influenced by powerful kicks, and a rampaging bassline, being the definite highlight of the track. The breakdowns are nicely constructed and the wild, glitchy melodies add a dash of welcomed randomness to the track, rounding off the 2:51min effort.

Check out Andy’s track in the link below! We’re sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard from him…

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