Deetox took a huge mission into her hands: to remix a classic, which is never an easy feat. The Punishment, by Hyperdrive, is a track released back in 2008 on the Torque Beats imprint and is a very renowned track within the Harder Styles community. Flash forward to 2020, where you probably know Hyperdrive by the name of Bodyshock, and where Deetox decided to treat this classic with a bit of her signature sound.

The track begins with a soothing background melody that respects the original in its entirety. The mid-intro is then introduced, containing a kick with a very heavy and crunchy bass surrounding it. The break once again returns to the background melody that’s become known from the original track, almost untouched, and the iconic vocals about God sending angels to earth. The lead melody then progresses in simple notes before opening up in full blast, just like the original, and the climax is very energetic, with punchy kicks!

We can definitely conclude that the artist took this mission and not only reached her goal, but also exceeded it! The is a very solid remix that completely respects the melody and structure of the original track, while giving it a fresh face for being played in this day and age. Great work, Diana!

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