First release on the mysterious My Way label that we reported about earlier is a very special track that’s and ode to the summer festival season in general, and to the magnificent show that is Intents Festival in particular. This one is called Hold On, and we have 3 high level acts that came together to give us this magnificent track: D-Sturb, Sogma & E-Life!

The track kicks off with E-Life’s voice front and center with a very strong message of how hard it is to live on a summer without partying and how much we’d wish to have festivals, and also about how amazing it will be when we get the privilege to party again in (hopefully) the near future. After that an addict melody kicks in, filled with summer vibes! After a short vocal break, the climax fills the speakers with amazing kicks that we can easily recognize as being part of D-Sturb’s signature sound. The intensity raises after a small pause, with harder kicks. The break features the amazing vocalist once more, with the build up after being rather intense and using the lead to help raise the intensity. The second climax features a very rough anti climatic section that helps the track finish in a rather strong way, so there’s a bit of everything here to make everyone happy!

If you’ve listened carefully to the message this track conveys, there’s not much we can add. We also urge you to hold on… And remember… To have the rainbow, you’ve got to have the rain first. This bad period shall pass!

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