The Portuguese duo of DJs and producers Dropzilla decided to release their latest theme, overcoming the problems they had and doing their great work.

In these difficult times that we have gone through, all of our plans have been modified and even canceled due to the pandemic that we’ve been witnessing throughout the world, forcing artists to reinvent themselves and create new themes to surprise fans. In this case the duo Dropzilla, was forced to change all their plans, since they had a special video for their new song “I Told U”, with the fantastic voice of Fayd, which would be recorded during their tour and due to coronavirus, everything went backwards. However, they did not give up and released the song anyway, although it was not the way or style they wanted, but they did not throw the towel on the floor.

Despite not being in the way they intended, a song came out that suits the time we are going through: Summer. A vibe that brings back the memories of summer, a video clip that ends up showing the freedom we need and everything combined has made this one a great theme. Undoubtedly a song that will make you dance! This was a theme that started to be considered in the end of 2019, between October and November and with the idea of ​​being something designed for the summer, as previously said, and to be a song for the whole family to hear and enjoy a good time. The video clip had to be shot in a different way, thus creating another difficulty, taking into account the quarantine, however something simple, but very successful, was created, all on the basis of friends who dedicated part of the their time trying to help to create this video. A sign of brotherhood and willpower, when we really want something, we make an effort to achieve it and this is also the message that is passed on.

For the future a lot of new music will be released and you will have to be aware of all the news about the upcoming releases of the duo Dropzilla, who will explore other sounds and bring very, very good things. For now listen to this new track below:

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