Something really unexpected happened right now at the Dirty Workz label, we have a release from Crypton and the result is truly brilliant!

Sephyx’s track “Through The Silence” got brilliant feedback at the time it came out and we enjoyed it a lot, despite these vocals being used a lot. I personally never get tired of these, they are magnificent. Crypton decided to do something that a lot of people didn’t expect and take this Sephyx track and remix it to a whole another level!

Many people have the wrong idea that Frenchcore is just another aggressive style without a melody, but these people are totally wrong and this track is living proof of that.

It has a sped up melody, but the track is much more than that: the musical notes are very attractive together with the drop and vocals. The first drop is capable of being the highest point of the track. The second drop already contains a much more aggressive kick but it is to finish the track in a big and strong way, excellent work Crypton!

Speaking a little more about Crypton, he has performed in many festivals and his name is very popular in the scene due to the quality of the tracks he presents, here are some suggestions of what you can hear if you are interested in finding out more about him!

Over the years he has managed to produce in a unique way and if you listen to the tracks, you will notice that his kinds of melodies are easy to identify as being his.

Frenchcore is in fact a very heavy style of music but it is not always heavy, it has its saddest and most melodic side, and Crypton is one of the ones to prove people who consider Frenchcore to be all about the roughness only, and nothing more, wrong!

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