One of the latest releases hitting the airwaves is a remix from an iconic track that’s already 20 years old – Aftershock has unleashed his rendition of the Trance classic Superstring from Cygnus X!

The track begins alternating between the melody down below and it taking a prominent role. Suddenly it shoots up in an extremely punchy, anti climatic section with the lead carrying us through, nicely side chained with the kick. There’s a short break after which the kick switches to the signature sound we’re used to from this artist! The break after that almost leaves no room to breathe, bursting into an intense climax, with an amazing bassline down below.

This is a very energetic remix in which the artist did his best to preserve the main characteristics of the original track, while still giving it his twist, namely in the kick and bass section. Another thing that’s quite noticeable is this track being released on Derailed Traxx, instead of I Am Hardstyle, or even WE R. But regardless of the platform, we were very eager to hear more from this artist and we’re glad this track is out! And bonus points to the artist and label in reusing the styling of the original cover!

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