There’s no need for an introduction for this guy, he is one of the most talented and well succeeded producers in the national scene. Pete K just brought out his latest piece and it’s a real ear catcher!

Well, Pedro Caldeira (aka Pete K) started his career back in 2010, whe he was just 17 years old and since then he’s got the support from some respected artists in the dance industry.

Later, back in 2017 he signed under Release Records and he’s been under their wing for the past few years. The labels bosses Third Party have welcomed this guy to their family and from releases to live shows at their events, Pete is a part of Release now.

This time, he brought out Without Your Love and it’s probably one of his best productions yet. It has that progressive feeling inherent to the track and this one is quite unique. With futuristic synths and basslines, this one kicks heavily the moment it drops. You can easily notice the evolution of the portuguese producer along the years and this one’s the culmination of the 10 years he’s been working on his skills.

Make sure to stream this one everywhere and let us know what you think about it!

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