Welcome to another review of a Hardstyle legend, Ran-D! It has been some time since this long awaited album was released and after listening to countless songs, we will give our opinion and score of the tracks, as we always do on our website.

The Power of Now: First part of the track full of kickrolls and the kicks we all know from Ran-D, powerful and clean, a fantastic sequence. The second part, is one of my favorites, when the kick finds the melody and comes together for the climax and the result is excellent, as the name says, it is the power of now!

Dreamers of the Universe (w/ Mark Vayne, Diesel): Something really emotional and with really beautiful vocals, maybe one of the most motivating tracks that Ran-D produced, because we are the dreamers, we make the universe leap forward! This track is all about us, and mankind in general. The melody, as usual, is always on point, Ran-D never fails in this. But what made me fall in love with this track the most was the two parts of the drop where the melody and kick come together and the result is really excellent, it is capable of being the best track on the album by far. The last part of the track is the anti-climatic drop sequence that was good, but doesn’t compare to the climax.

Nirvana: The track goes off in a smooth way, with a clock ticking and increasing the track’s cadence at each beat. Strong vocals suddenly erupt through the speakers. The lead melody is then introduced, filling the high frequencies of the spectrum. The track drops as expected, with the melody taking prominence through all the climax. A soothing, but energetic track!

Armageddon (w/ ANDY SVGE): This was produced with the intention of making a mark in the 2018 edition of the Qapital event that houses Raw Hardstyle and here we hear an ANDY SVGE in a style that’s different from what we’re used to hearing from him, however he still left his mark with a few details here and there that can be distinguished as being his. The vocals make the difference once again on this track. After 2 years of waiting we can finally hear the track in great quality and high volume!

Zombie: Not much is needed to say here, as this track is known by our readers that are fond of the harder styles and beyond! Ran-D hit striking success with this one beyond the borders of his own style, and this tribute to The Cranberries even got released through the world renowned imprint Armada.

Hell Ain’t Ready: Let’s move on to Ran-D’s darker side, once again putting his voice on everything on this track. One more track of the same, I leave this for you

Run From Reality (w/ Endymion, Le Prince): Another track with which Ran-D made huge success, being featured on the top 10 tracks of 2019, together with legendary producers Endymion and the amazing voice of Le Prince. Bottom line is that this track is about letting go of all concerns and just running from everything, to find yourself again, with the power of music. The break with the vocals put you in an amazing mood, and the melody is, as expected, amazing, and the overall track just sounds massive on a good sound system.

Not An Addict (w/ Psyko Punkz, K’s Choice): I wasn’t expecting anything from this, Psyko Punkz and Ran-D already have some good years in the scene and we’ve seen them several times together but never for a collaboration, finally it happened! Excellent track with very attractive vocals and excellent climaxes.

Battleborn (w/ Frequencerz, Adaro): Of the best tracks on the album, without a doubt, this track was really a surprise because on Hard Bass everyone got together for this track and the response from the audience was very positive, and everyone was anxious for the track to come out, us included! What a melody and what a kick, but the final part send shivers through your spine when they decide to increase the BPMs and end up in Hardcore, huge!

Antidote (Kronos Remix): Antidote, one of Ran-D’s oldest tracks, I remember perfectly the first time I heard this track… I was completely in love because the song is really amazing! And Kronos, the Italian Hardstyle star, decided to take it and update it a bit, make it more suitable to be played live nowadays, and succeeded, the result was very good, ending up in a track with the usual Ran-D roughness, but with a bit of an Italian twist! We’ve already talked a lot about Kronos, so if you’re curious, stop by here and here!

Sicario (w/ Adaro aka Gunz for Hire): I love it, I just love the melody of this track, from the few seconds I heard the climax I shivered. it’s just that good and I had that part on repeat for an entire day. The sequence of kicks and the build up before with the vocals from Diesel was very good for people to prepare their arms for some fist pumping!

Demolition Time: We had already heard this track in the compilation released for Qlimax 2018 that Q-dance published on Spotify and let’s say that this is capable of being Ran-D’s darkest track, due to the screaming vocals and the focus on the roughness of the kicks and the bass. This track was made for what the name says – demolish dancefloors!

Bolivia (G4H Blood Brothers Remix): Booming, another track that saw two masterminds come together and one of the most renowned ones from them as a duo. The end result of this remix is booming, it might have been the track that fans most expected to come out, in order to be able to hear it in repeat just like I did , this track went with me everywhere in my travels. I love the detail of the “drums” in the background, it’s really good, that first Psy influenced drop is also fitting to the track. Then it gets more aggressive from the 2nd drop onwards and since then it pulls hard with that incredible screech, my congratulations on this track!

MGFY (w/ Villain): This track is becoming very viral and with a good reason, the best really is for the end because it represents what every raver struggles about… after the weekend we want that Monday to just not happen, and we just want another day of partying, or to rest from the incredible weekend that has just gone past in what seemed like 5 minutes. Even the video is becoming really viral and we leave here the link to know more about that!

To finish it all off, and in my humble opinion, Ran-D proved once again that he still has what it takes to be a huge player in the Hardstyle scene, as it seems that he was born for this, to produce banger after banger and it is totally justified why he acts mostly on main stages at all music festivals. Rand-D is also a quite diverse producer, he created tracks like Drugs with Act of Rage, and also Zombie, both of which with quite distinct vibes, and further cementing the point that Ran-D is both creative and a talented producer. I just hope future albums don’t take so long to be released, because we actually waited a lot of time for the album and have seen several instances where the album would be released “soon”, and after all, it wasn’t. But all things considered, the time was worth it in all aspects!

After a few of us had a go at listening to the album, we think these are reasonable scores for it! However, I personally did not think that this album was at all innovative. Of all the tracks that it had, all of them were top notch in what concerns quality, no doubt about it, but given the fact that most of this was already heard multiple times, or even already released as the months went by, there isn’t much that can be done in what concerns this front. We’d highlight MGFY, which is becoming quite viral! So much that Ran-D took advantage of the current pandemic in a good way and made an edit with the lyrics “Corona, go F*** yourself”, contributing to its viral status!

In short, we’re very happy with this album! One of the finest pieces of work we’ve seen in the harder styles. However, we are rather sad to see it lost all of the hype it had around it with the time it took to be released, and with the amount of tracks that were somewhat overplayed in the last few months.

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[REVIEW] Ran-D ruled the night, here's why!
Favorite tracks
  • MGFY
  • Dreamers of the Universe
  • Sicario
Least Favorite tracks
  • Nirvana
7.7Overall Score

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