The DJ and producer Cassetter continues his great career and this time he presents his latest theme as only he knows how to do.

We are back to talking about deeper themes which are sometimes less addressed in the world of electronic music, and nothing better than talking about Cassetter’s new theme “Nexus” with the voice of Mari Kattman. Mari’s spiritual voice takes us to another world where Cassetter applies his style, more focused on synthwave. A very relaxed, calm and very positive energy theme.

Casseter continues in the production of fresh new tracks, having already released his first album in 2019 entitled “The Fugitive“, an album with great success and with hopes that in 2020 we can have another piece of art on his part. The artist relies on synthwaves and a “cyberpunk” atmosphere to create his futuristic themes and in which he has gained more and more fans who are increasingly interested in this particular style also with several streams and thousands of views after the release of their debut album. We will be looking forward to more Cassetter releases and hoping that their next album will come out as soon as possible. This is a theme launched through FiXT Neon.

Listen below to the new track of Cassetter:

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