The Swedish duo’s are among the best acts in the world, but their first album still manages to make quite the impression on fans.

June 8th, 2015. A normal day for many, but it was somewhat career defining for Galantis. For the complete picture, we have to rewind the clock all the way to 2007 when Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklow met in a studio in Stockholm. Both were no strangers to hitmaking, with Karlsson being credited in Britney Spears’s legendary Toxic and Eklow being responsible for Icona Pop’s I Love It. However, their unique blend of sounds and mutual admiration for each other set them up to join forces in the duo we now know as Galantis.

While most acts are lucky to even manage to produce ONE mega hit, for Galantis it’s a regular occurance. From Smile (released back in late 2013) to the nostalgic Runaway, No Money, Peanut Butter Jelly, Bones feat. One Republic to their most recent effort – Faith feat. Dolly Parton and Mr. ProbzGalantis are a part of dance and pop music royalty and they etch their name on the stone tablet of dance music history with every new release.

In Pharmacy, what we got was a complete journey through music. Soothing ballads, pop-oriented tracks and EDM mega anthems in the shape of 13 different tracks caress the listener into a different plain of enjoyment, exploding every and all genre-defining boundary in its path. It manages to capture one’s attention to the technical, lyrical and melodical prowess displayed by Christian and Linus, all traits that 5 years on since the original release of Pharmacy, drag thousands of fans of the Seafox Nation to massive festivals around the world.

Relive the joy of Pharmacy in the link down below!

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