Yesterday Nosferatu releases another track with a very interesting and very mysterious theme.

With a title like this we already expected that something very different was coming and the track contains a melody and a screech that together indicate the mystery of Area 51 that is well known all over the world and this producer took that idea to be able to produce something which resulted in a very good track, with some nice and intense vocals.

You may also know Nosferatu from his High Voltage alias, under which he produces Raw Hardstyle, having joined Minus is More a few months ago.

The time that Nosferatu spends in the studio is immense, and he has always had success in the tracks he produces because he loves music in an indisputable way and conveys this in the tracks and albums he produces, a lot of respect for this type of producers.

Nosferatu already has his name on the books of Hardcore history, as it has been for many years that he has been present in several events and festivals, and in my personal opinion, I especially found this set the best I have heard from Nosferatu, who together with Furyan made a brutal combination, and was one of the best sets of the night because it was a match that I didn’t expect to sound so good.

We have already spoken many times about this brilliant producer, if you want to check the articles you can see them here, here and here.

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