Essenger released his album “After Dark” this year and already has a great Protostar remix that applies his D&B in an exemplary way.

Passing through other more “hidden” styles of electronic music we can see that the quality reaches high levels and with great productions. An example of this was the great work done by Essenger, who released his album “After Dark“, with which he had great success. To continue this success, Protostar, the English DJ and producer, presents his remix of the title song “After Dark“, the name that is also given to Essenger’s album and in which it is present. A fantastic remix where the English artist applies his D&B while also leaving the essence of the original music and applying his magic, making it a great and well-produced theme.

Talking a little more about Essenger, he has several influences from the most modern rock, EDM and Synthwave, being greatly influenced by this last one. An artist who stands out for the difference, for the production he does, thus becoming an artist that can be considered to go “out of the box” which is really excellent and sets him apart from the rest.

As already mentioned above, he released an album at the beginning of the year with contributions from Pylot, Lexi Norton, Scandroid and Young Medicine. And for the summer, we expect the release of his remix album where you can find remixes from not only Protostar, but also Mazare, Direct, PRIZM, Young Medicine, Kazukii, Extra Terra, among others.

Listen below the remix of “After Dark”:

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