Born in the late 80’s, Erly Tepshi, has a vast career both as a DJ and as a producer. Releasing singles and EP’s over labels like Armada Music, Three Hands Records and Be Free Recordings.

Not a surprise, for those who already know him, that his productions have the characteristic of being deep and emotional like Pluvia from Sirio, carried by the atmospheric pads and synths emerging along the tracks, for example Afterlife in Silence Unbroken, and fulled by deep basses.

And we must admit that he was busy during this quarentine, releasing a few singles and EP’s in this year’s slow start.

The Italian producer released this week a new EP called Romance. After more than 17 years of career, Erly doesn’t stop to amaze the lovers of this immense culture.

But we couldn’t end the week without yet another amazing surprise. Erly Tepshi, announced on his Instagram that he is doing a 6 hour long stream, today, on Facebook.

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