After more Psy-Trance oriented singles like “Beshkan (Snap Your Dirty Fingaz)” and “Follow Me“, the Iranian-Danish DJ Aligator invited the Copenhagen Drummers for the third consecutive single within this genre, a single called “Bang That Drum“.

DJ Aligator may be forgotten in many heads but if you hear some classics like “The Whistle Song” and “Lollipop” you will remember who I am talking about. The Iranian-Danish artist with clear Eurodance roots and a major entry into the Trance scene in 2012, now in 2019/2020 he is getting his hands on the Psy-Trance genre.

This is not just any other Psy-Trance track for a very simple reason, “Bang That Drum” features an innovative and hard to find fusion of sounds. In this song we can feel a solid base that any track of this genre has, 138 BPM’s, strong kick in a 4×4 compass, among other characteristics, but the cherry on the cake’s top is the set of drums played by the Copenhagen Drummers group. The drums not only add a special touch, they also remind everyone the world-famous Danish group Safri Duo. The differentiating element of all music is the instrument that is heard from the middle of the track to the end, which in this case is the bagpipe, an instrument almost never used in electronic music. Along with all that has been said, we should mention the presence of the short vocals from Aligator and Al Agami.

The song was released on Gator Records and has received great support from Vini Vici on Instagram but wasn’t released alone, an official video was also released together. You can view the video below.

There are rumors that DJ Aligator‘s fourth album may be coming soon, because when this single was released there was a reference to a new album. Many new stuff may be on the way… Aligator will follow the Psy-Trance trend or explore other musical styles? Let’s wait and see…

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