Sad that there will be no Defqon.1 this year? Fear not, because as usual, Q-dance has you covered. They’ve taken their extensive expertise in live-streaming to bring you the true weekend warrior experience to the comfort of your home!

The ongoing pandemic won’t stop Hard Dance addicts from enjoying some music and from demonstrating their passion and dedication for this genre, and Q-dance is enabling this by doing a very special livestream on the original Defqon.1 2020 dates, from the 26th until the 28th of June, just like if it was the real thing. This includes bringing to your home a huge lineup of 80 artists and things like The Gathering, The Closing Ceremony, The Wasted Lands and yes, you guessed it: the epic Power Hour! Along with that, and as per usual in their last streams, Q-dance will make a quiz contest where you can win prizes.

Along with all that, there will be a special anthem moment on Saturday, where Q-dance invites us all to blast the anthem in full volume so that the Hard Dance community can be heard loud and clear – just like it is when it gathers at Defqon.1 every year. The cherry on top of the cake is that all this will be free to watch!

The Q-dance team is putting a huge effort in turning the bad tide and making this a unique show, as we can see by the words of Jonas Schmidt, Creative Director Defqon.1, “The world is turned upside down. We live in a bizarre time in which our industry has been hit hard. This applies not only to our organization and the people who work there but also to the hundreds of creatives and artists with whom we organize our beautiful events every year. That’s why we’ve pulled out all the stops to make it a special weekend this year, together with our fans from all over the world”.

This is all great news, especially for me personally as I’m a ticket holder, so any glimpse I can get of Defqon this year will surely be welcome, and we all here at Wide Future are very much looking forward to this and to many other initiatives like this!

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