Suddenly it was everywhere… If you follow the harder styles you’ve certainly seen it – My Way is likely one of the hottest labels out there without even having released a single track. This project is building immense hype, and nobody’s even sure who’s the face (or faces) behind it!

Although their social media posts are rather cryptic thus far, one thing immediately catches the eye – its design, which is rather uncommon for a label within the harder styles. According to the label, they wish to do a different approach design-wise. Most labels are characterized by an edgier, rougher look, with this one being somewhat simpler and more cheerful.

All this so far may point us to a label that’s going to focus on the more melodic side of the harder styles, however, according to sources online, this label’s trademark is owned by the same company that owns renowned imprints like End of Line and Minus Is More, who focus on a rougher sound within the spectrum of Hardstyle, and even Masters of Hardcore, who’s a force to be reckoned with within Hardcore, pointing us towards a label that will focused on the so called “Raw” Hardstyle.

Another interesting take is the fact that this label won’t really have any boundaries in what concerns creativity, neither it will focus on established artists. This is rather undefined and opens the doors to pretty much any kind of sound.

Clues here point us in very different directions and rumors online are flying – some say the face behind it may be Thyron, likely due to the trademark owner and the fact that he has an album named My Way. Others point to Atmozfears, likely due to the design choices, along with what the artist’s message in recent times is, and his My Story album. Some even say it may be Cyber relaunching his career, which in our view would make this rather exciting.

Whoever this may be, it once again reopened the discussion of “yet another label”. As we’ve previously discussed ourselves in our articles, more often than not labels like these pop up, have a few releases and then close down. Hopefully this isn’t the case and we’ll see a lot of innovation coming out of it.

Regardless, this weekend is the chance to get to know the first release, during the Intents Festival livestream. Be sure to tune in!

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