The now 27-year old Luke Bond already has an illustrious career behind him but still manages to stun with each new release, as is the case with Walk Away.

It’s no secret to anyone that the dance music world is cutthroat and incredibly fast paced, and failure to keep up can lead to an artist becoming nothing more than a distant memory. This makes Luke Bond’s return to the top spot he left on following a year of hiatus even more impressive. He took his first steps to success almost a decade ago, racking up an IDMA award, and recognition a bright prospect for the future.

The prospect soon became an experienced artist, and now Luke Bond has a career filled with tracks on Garuda, Who’s Afraid of 138?! and Armada – more specifically Armind – who have been big supporters of Luke’s booming and echoey kicks, lovely spine-tingling melodies and masterfully reverb-filled processed vocals.

2019 treated Luke nicely, being the year where he released his biggest release to date, the incredibly quotable Revolution together with Armin Van Buuren. 2020 was bound to have the same force and impact for Luke, and it surely delivered so far. Today, he greets us with another banging tune in the shape of Walk Away.

The track starts out with the main attraction right away, the gorgeous vocals of Sarah De Warren, backed up by Luke’s typical percussion and kicks. From then we go the chilling main lead, in a melodic ode with piano chords and ambient pads, with Sarah’s vocals being the brightest star of it all. The drop comes with a spectacular burst of energy, adding huge saws to the afore-mentioned elements, in a spectacular display of emotion.

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