Since the COVID 19 pandemic is slowing down in the Balkans, the prime minister of Serbia asked the festival organization not to cancel, but to postpone it for the end of the summer. Therefore, the 20th edition of the festival will take place from 13th to 16th August 2020. The EXIT Festival, which takes place in the historic Petrovaradin Fortress, is already part of the country’s culture and takes to Serbia thousands of visitors who contribute to the growth of the economy in the region.

The organization has already announced that the event will be organized in closed cooperation with the National Health Coordination team, and they will follow all the rules imposed by the government. One of the main public security measures will be the reduction of the festival’s capacity, places like the fortresses will be closed to the public. But the iconic stages like No Sleep and Dance Arena, the festival’s mainstage, will be the places where the magic will happen.

The hope that live music events can happen again more frequently is relaunched, this is a new reality that is being well received by the public, and above all, applauded by the various festival organizers from all over the world.

“We got so many messages and emails of support from other festival promoters, agents and artists who see EXIT as a sign of a soon revival for the whole event industry. But even more important, a sign for the whole society that the worst is behind”, says the EXIT’s founder Dušan Kovačević and adds an interesting reference from the festival’s revolutionary history: “Exactly 20 years ago, after a decade of isolation and civil wars in the ’90s, we found an exit and embraced it as our name. Now, it’s time to globally exit from this pandemic”, says Kovačević.  

Serbia will soon reopen its borders, without limits or PCR tests needed. The organization underline that if any country in Europe registers a new growth of the pandemic in August, all visitors from that country will be subject to a PCR test which will be free or very low cost. In Serbia, the virus of COVID 19 has already infected around 10,000 people and caused 218 deaths. Currently, there are about 6700 recovered cases and in the last month the daily cases have not crossed the barrier of 100 infected. Yesterday the country only registed 18 new cases, the lowest number since March 22nd.

The new lineup will be revealed soon and the tickets are already available at their website.

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