Madeira has only 17 active cases of COVID-19, which are under control. Calamity situation was prolonged for another month in a region where, since mid-May, it is possible to go to catholic events, to the gym and to the beach. After a few months in quarantine, without any access to music venues/events, some major nightlife clubs from Madeira Island like Vespas Club, Cafe do Teatro and Copacabana are preparing to return to activity.

Nightlife venues may reopen from this Monday, June 1st, in Madeira Island, as determined by the Regional Government through a resolution published in JORAM (Jornal Oficial da Região Autónoma da Madeira). Clubs can only be open until 2 am with an occupancy limit (50% in this case).

Thus it is allowed from the beginning of the next month the reopening of spaces where night activity is licensed, as long as the rules for reducing the capacity, including terraces and outdoor spaces at 50% are met, and with the time limit until 2 am. The rules established for the restoration still being applicable with the necessary adaptations.

From that same date, the operation of restaurants and drink establishments that have rooms or spaces for dancing, or where people usually dance, as long as the established rules are met (limitation of capacity, including terraces and spaces outside with 50% of its maximum capacity and with the opening hours limited until 2 am).

In addition to these measures, establishments must also ensure that all people are sensitized to compliance with the rules, correct hand washing, respiratory etiquette, as well as other personal and environmental hygiene measures.

There is still no reopening date for night spaces spaces in remaining Portuguese territory. In an interview with TSF radio, Prime Minister António Costa admitted that “activities that live from proximity and interaction will be at the bottom of those that can reopen”. Despite these words there is hope that the opening will be soon, even before that what is expected.

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