Brennan Heart just put out a marvelous track! The head of the I Am Hardstyle community continues to further establish himself as an absolute legend of the harder styles with Lose It All, borrowing Jake Reese’s voice to put the cherry on top of it all

The track begins with a soft melody in the background and Jake Reese’s epic voice. The lyrics talk about about pushing through issues and coming back stronger after a great low. The track slowly rises in intensity, adding some claps and some strings in the background. After this the melody takes front row for a bit, teasing the listener for the upcoming climax. Then all elements go off except for the vocal, which drops us straight into an energetic and punchy climax. The low frequencies are really pleasing in good headphones, adding an incredible depth to this track. The break returns to the vocals with the strings in the back, contrasting well with the immense energy of the rest of the track. The second climax makes the track go out with a bang.

Yet another incredible piece of art from one of the most respected artists in the scene. He managed to combine the roughness of the harder styles with some soothing vocals and piano melodies. It’s impossible that the second part of the break with the beautiful piano doesn’t hit you right in the feels!

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